Painting a Winter Scene on Glass Ornament

March 21st
Cobbs Creek Missionary Baptist Church, Sod WV
taught by Shirley Crookshank
Over the river and through the woods to a fun workshop. The facilites were nice and we had a good turnout. The nice thing about our chapter is that we are more like a family of painters, who enjoy each others company, and are always glad to see new faces as well as each other again.

Shirley's class was a little different venue for most of us, acrylics painted on frosted glass. Not all of us have acrylic paints from the tube, so Shirley was nice enough to prepare an individual pallet of colors for each of us. It's interesting that we all painted the same scene, but each individual had their own special touch. Shirley was nice enough to take special orders for unpainted ornaments. The girls wanted to paint others for gifts, their trees and just because they enjoyed their finished peices. Me, well, I painted mine upside down. A tassel would correct this, but I'll do it over again. It's only paint, and the time spent painting is always pleasant.

Lunch was great. Marlene, Helen and a few others prepared a great lunch of Taco Salad, brownies, Chips, and Shirley Via shared Birthday Cake.
We really appreciate the Church allowing us to use their facilities. Everything was very nice. Thank you so much.

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