May 23, 2009 KVDA Workshop

As you know, Mina was unable to teach her class. But, since we reserved “Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church in Hurricane, we wiused the scheduled time to paint, visit, inspire and help each other create Christmas Ornaments for our “Ways and Means Project. Members brought their regular painting supplies. and we had fun painting, and sharing with each other. Joan Mullins finished her Mound show ornaments, and was the first member to turn in her completed works.
Mr. Gene made Spaghetti Sauce for us. Betty baked rolls, Shirley had Pie, Marlene brought salad and everything was delicious. We will also had Birthday Cake for Elain Kuhl.
Sorry I don't have pictures to post, but I forgot my camera. Maybe at a later date, Elain and Sandy promised to share photos with me.

I'm leaving the directions posted. Hopefully we well have the opportunity to meet at Forrest Burdette Memorial in the futhre. The Church is beautiful as well as ideal. Thank you to the Church and to Joan Mullins for making this possible.

Directions to Forrest Burdette Memorial United Methodist Church:
Coming from Charleston – Go West on I-64 to Exit 34 Hurricane – turn left
Coming from Huntington – Go East on I-64 to Exit 34 Hurricane – turn right
Pass McDonald’s and get in the right lane, at the stop light at the Walgreen construction turn right. At the next light make a right turn and then immediately make a left.
The church is straight ahead.
2824 Putnam Ave.

Personal Message From Kim

Magnolia Box, faux marquetry, 9" x 13"x 4 7/8", acrylics on wood
©2009 Kim Bennett

I have several painting on the go. Things have been going great in the studio. I started on a cityscape and made the final touches to the faux marqutery box for the class in June. It is nice to work the right side of the brain again.

The faux wood box is a magnolia design that I have put together for the KVDA members in Charleston, West Virginia.

Along with the box, we will be reproducing some early graining techniques with 20th century materials. We will be using non-toxic Traditions Acrylics for our faux finishes.

There will be no need for any specialty brushes for this class. We will be using a variety of bristle brushes that are readily available at hardware and art supply stores. We will create an album of graining effects that can be taken home. These will be made with materials that you can find on hand or lying around the house.

Prepare to get messy!

-Kim Bennett