KVDA September Workshop

taught by Marcia Vanover
Marcia bubbles with enthusiasm and clever ideas. This workshop was a wonderful way to paint a surface that will give you years of enjoyable use. The note book surface was painted in the "Rosemary West style". Not only did students learn a new technique, but they also acquired a beautiful binder that will serve to store, organize and display your works in progress. Wow! Isn’t this the original purpose of Decorative Painting, making everyday utilitarian surfaces beauty?

Virginia Nesselrotte June Class

Betty Caithness Keepsake Box
Taught by Virginia Nesselrotte
June 20, 21 Workshop
by Marlene Grubbs
Members of KVDA that signed up and attended the two-day class on June 16 and 17 had a good painting experience. She presented a small box painted in the Betty Caithness style. Some of the people who attended ordered the box from Virginia, while others chose their own surface for the project. No one did the scene smaller, but many attendees increased the size of the pattern to do bigger pieces.
The background treatment that is done with this painting style gives the entire painting a soft appearance. The other unique aspect of this project was the wrap around landscape that encircled the sides of the box. Each side had a different scene, but each flowed into the other, making a continuous panorama. After all the acrylic painting was completed, oil rouging was applied to intensify the colors. Most people finished the top and some of the sides. The attendees who stayed for both days got their project completed. Several people painted the scene on a memory box as well as their project. The painting, the visiting, and the sharing of ideas made for a very pleasant experience. A good time was had by all.

Mina McLean Teaches Water Color

One of the most admirable attributes of our club is the enthusiasm members show exploring new techniques and mediums. Who better to guide us than Mina. She used acrylic paints and a medium that allows you to use them as if they were water color. On Saturday, May 10, we had a great turn out, and as always we were excited to paint together again. The experience was so delightful, that I'm sure some of our members will go home and experiment with this new medium.

Thanks Mina, you are a delightful lady and gifted teacher.

Peggy Harris April Seminar

by Marcia Vanover
Well a few words will not suffice as to what a wonderful time that was had by all. Fantastic, stupendous, are just a few words that could be used to describe Peggy as a teacher, painter, and person, oh and adorable too. Her method of making us believe we could push and pull those brushes and her constant reminding us "gel on first" brought out some wonderful pieces by all.....well almost all! I flunked fireflies! Had to wipe off those little buggers many times before I got one right. Peggy has a very laid back and gentle way of bringing out the best in everyone, until she got to mine......She smiled and told me I had my own little way of painting. Sigh......it was sad to see the wonderful weekend end and to say goodbye to Bob her husband, who handled all the products, such a gentle patient man......and to Peggy for her great teaching and bringing about such a great friendship bonding time for all.

Some of our members decided to use this Seminar as an opportunity to work
on their 2008 Memory Boxes. What a nice way to jumpstart your community service project.

March Grisaille Workshop with Hazel Small

by Shirley Via
Hazel taught her own design in Grisaille. It was an old window with a bird sitting on a broken windowpane. We first painted everything in shades of gray and then Hazel provided the oils to add color. The color is added as a wash and only takes minutes to go from a gray and white painting to a colored one. Hazel is a wonderful and very talented teacher and she is always willing to share her knowledge. I have enjoyed all her classes and am looking forward to taking another class with her.

Painting with Sue Pruette MDA

by Hazel Small
What a great learning experience with painters from as far away as Colorado, Washington D.C., Ohio, Virginia and three KVDA members. There was not an empty seat in Gaby Hunter’s Studio.
We practiced proper execution of strokes, spacing, and various topics as color, color mixing, harmony, value, intensity, composition, focal points, warm and cool colors, reflected light , background color, and how they work to create a painting.
To help us understand the certification judging process, Sue gave us an overview of what the judges are looking for in a passing entry, and how they set the standards for each set of scores. The highlight was when we were in the judge’s seat and in teams of two judged Sue and Gaby's entries using actual scoring sheets.What a fabulous week, learning, making new friends while enjoying old ones, and painting, painting, painting.
Thank you Gaby

February, Painting With Dottie Kuhl

by Mina McLean
We had a wonderful February Workshop. Dottie Kuhl is always professionally prepared and ready to go. She is an excellent teacher, with great knowledge and genuine concern that everyone. Everyone gets all the help they need to complete a great project. We had a good attendance, and everyone had a great time with lots of laughter. Painting and laughter, it doesn't get any better.
We did a rabbit head sculpted on an egg gourd. Her name is Violet; she has a rather prissy attitude while being all decked out for Easter.

2008 KVDA Annual Business Meeting

by Betty Hyre
We begin every year with a Brunch served by our new Club Officers, a Show and Tale, and our Business Meeting. It is a treat to see everyone again, tell about and show a special piece and make plans select for the New Year. I was inspired by the pieces presented. Dottie had an imaginative assortment of gourds. Members brought wonderful pieces to show, beautifully painted memory boxes, as well as pieces for us to select as a class project. But, Marianne Sydenstricker captured our hearts with pieces painted by her students who are Alzheimer’s patients. Marianne is one of only two artists in our State who teaches this type of class.