Arthur Evans Seminar

April 18, 19 (Saturday and Sunday)
Loudendale Community Center

Painting with Arthur Evans
Using Traditions Global Paints, Arthur Evans taught a still life study with emphasis on Brass. He not only displayed his original painting, but also arranged a still life display, recreating the same lighting effects. We were able to see for ourselves, exactly how the colors played among them selves.

Arthur began the class with a quick demonstration. We moved with caution, as at first we thought, this is going to be green. But no, the pieces were brilliant, with wonderful reflections and a beautiful glowing metallic effect.

Arthur is a patient, articulate instructor.
He gives each student personal attention, answering their questions and demonstrated solutions to problems they may encountered.

Bravo, well done. Another fantastic workshop.

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  1. I wish I could have been there and taken that class.