Mark Polomchak Seminar

November 13, 14, 15, 2009
10 a.m. Till 4-5 p.m.
We are still looking for a suitable location . Any suggestions would be appreciated. We will be painting the pictures shown in this section. But they might not be painted in the same order they are displayed.
One complete painting will finished by the end of each the day. Class cost is $50 Per Day, and limited to 30 people. Non-members are welcome. However, they will be required to pay an additional $25 fee.
The 15"x20" board surfaces will be supplied at a cost of $2 each. Mark will supply a palette of necessary paint colors for $12. Watercolor palettes must be pre-ordered When you register for this class be sure to specify that you wish to pre-order your palette. If you wish to bring your own tubes of paint, you will need the following Windsor Newton Watercolors: Payne’s Gray; Sap Green; Prussian Blue; Burnt Sienna; Sepia; Yellow Ochre; Vermilion (Holbein); Violet Diox; Cerulean Blue; Alizarin Crimson; Cobalt Blue.
You will trace the watercolor template (Mark will supply)
Brushes: wash brush (one stroke preferred, mop brush will do)¾" flat with shaved handle; # 10 or 12 round; # 6 script liner
Sponges: kitchen sponge, sea sponge soft or nylon sponge soft
Masking Fluid- Mark prefers Winsor Newton Colorless (Miskit). Grumbacher will be ok
Students will need to bring: towel (kitchen size)
Coffee can to hold the water
Butcher tray or something to mix on (small sheet of plexi-glass works well)
# 4 pencil;
Red pen (ball-point);
Spray bottle (not a mist sprayer but a plant type spray bottle)
Masking tape
Transfer graphite (non-wax) and Tracing paper.

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