KVDA 2011 Class Schedule

February 19: Dottie Kuhl 9am-4pm – Winfield Lions Club
Elf Gourd Ornament-
Cost - Cost: $10 + $15 materials fee which includes gourd, 2oz. Quikwood, screw eye with threads, paints, extender
Student should bring:
Usual painting supplies, assorted brushes including
#4 Round 10/0 liner
¼” angle, 3/8” angle
Dome round – dry brushes
Sculpting tools
Work surface – 8x10 Plexi-glass
Petroleum hand cream
Waterless hand cleaner

March 18, 19,20, 2011 Seminar: Mark Polomchak , 10 am – 4 pm
Alum Creek Lions Club

We will paint one picture each day. Cost of 3 day seminar will be $150 for members and $200 nonmember’s
Mark will have framing supplies if anyone is interested in having their work framed the cost is $80 per painting. This is a student discount and is priced very reasonable. He accepts Visa and MasterCard.
Mark has a watercolor palette available for $12 or you can bring own watercolors his palette, they are:
Martin F. Weber watercolors
1. Turquoise Blue 2. Cobalt Blue 3 Ultramarine Blue 4. Indigo
5. Hookers Green 6. Raw Sienna 7. Burnt Sienna 8. Burnt Umber
9. Alizarin Crimson 10.Cad Red Light
Wash Brush (one-stroke preferred, mop brush will do) 3/4" flat with shaved handle
#10 or 12 round #6 script liner
Mark will have the brushes for sell
Sponges: Kitchen sponge, sea sponge soft or nylon sponge soft
Other supplies:
artist miskit (prefer Windsor Newton colorless, Grumbacher will do)
a. towel (kitchen size) b. coffee can to hold water c. butcher tray or something to mix on (small sheet of plexi-glass works well) d. #4 pencil e. red pen (ball-point)
f. spray bottle (not a mist sprayer but a plant type spray bottle) g. masking tape
h. transfer graphite (not-wax) i. toothbrush
Watercolor board will be provided for each class

April 16: Marcia Vanover, 10am – 4pm – Winfield Lions Club
A Chair for all Seasons
Cost of class is $10
The chair price is $20 each.
Both seats pieces will be $18.00
Total of $48
Paints to be supplied
We will be painting one chair with 2 seat overlays painted front and back, plus embellishments.
The 4 seats need to be based black and painting can be done at home as the table cloth, the basket are all the same on all 4.
The chair is already painted black so there is no base coating. To prevent scratching a piece of black felt is glued onto the original seat.
Supplies: Usual painting supplies, including towels, water bin, wet palette, pallet paper, transfer paper (white), a variety of brushes including a small and medium Dome Round or Bringle Blender

May 21 and June 11: Hazel Small and Marlene Grubbs, 9am-4 pm, both class will be at Loudendale Community Center

Cost of class $10

Cost of Wood ($10)

Paints to be furnished

Materials: Regular supplies: towels, water bin, wet palette, pallet paper, transfer paper (white), an assortment of brushes including, small and medium dome rounds (or Bringle Blenders), large flat and a script liner. Note Book, pencil and Camera.
Prep Instructions will be provided prior to class
September 17 & 18: Arthur Evans, 9am-4pm, Loudendale Community Center

Mill at Babcock State Park

Cost $20per day + $5 for paints
Total cost -$45
Surface: a prepared (gessoed) 11 x 14 inch surface, either canvas, masonite, tracing Paper, transfer paper,
Table Easel Brushes: palette knife, 1/2 or ¾ inch Bristle Brush, a regular #2 round, either a 3/8 “ angle or flat is optional, and a #8 Bringle Round Blender or Dome Round Brush 272.
Usual supplies – towels, water bin, wet palette, palette paper: The necessary acrylic colors for each individual painting study will be provided.

October 7th,8 &9: Glenice Moore Seminar, 9am-3:30pm, Loudendale Community Center
Bay Stallion

Cost for 3 day Seminar:$200
Materials:16x20” portrait canvas). Everyone must paint on the same size surface. Prep canvas with Black Americana paint. Use a roller for one or two even coats of paint. .
Brushes may be purchased from Glenice. Three sets that sell for $25 a set. She will sell them for $49.95 if you purchase all three sets. Other wise they are $25.00 a set. They retail for $28.95.. Palette : Deco Art Traditions Acrylic Paints will be supplied.
Note: there are some colors that you will need to pre mix I recommend pre mixing a fair size amount of these colors and storing them in a small air tight container for future use.
(Paints will be supplied)
Carbon Black DAT42 Paynes Grey Mix = 3 parts Ultramarine Blue+1 part Carbon Black
Ultramarine Blue DAT31 " Napels Yellow Mix = White +Yellow Oxide + Hansa Yellow
Yellow Oxide, DATI2
Titanium White DAT35 Brushes
Hansa Yellow DAK14 Black Gold Dynasty
Dioxazine Purple DAT23 ¾” FW
Burnt Umber DAT46 206 S No’s 4, 8, 12
Burnt Sienna DAT44 206 WV No’s 4, 8, 12
Raw Sienna DAT43 206 R No’s 2, 4
Warm White DAT36
Perione Orange DAT08 Misc Supplies
Light Grey DAT39 Viva or Blue Shop Towels, Stay Wet Palette and paper
Naphathol Red Light DAT03 White Graphite Paper
DECO Extender DATMQ2
Americana Lamp (Ebony) Black DATM02

November 12: Gabriel Hunter, 9am-4pm.
Maranatha Baptist Church, One Maranatha Acres, Charleston, WV
Bernie Gourd Gnome
Cost: $10 + $15 materials fee which includes Gourd, 2 oz of QuickWood, Paints and other items need to complete Bernie.
Bring regular painting supplies and sculpting tools
Brushes: Variety of brushes, including a #8 and #6 filbert brush, liner and #3 Round
Paint and mediums will be supplied
Prep Instructions will be provided prior to class

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