SDP WebSite Update

Check out SDP's new Blog This is great to see activities at 2009 SDP Conference.

KVDA member Gaby Hunter is one of 9 Core Team members of the Art Apprentice Online Educational Program. These teachers will oversee and administer the development of the education programs for the DecoArt Traditions Online Art School. They will be working with the existing and new Trasitions Artists and Teachers as they progress through the program. Gaby along with the others will be available at the DecoArt Traditons SDP Convention Booth.

Tried of having to track down a copier to increase line art for patterns in your The Decorative Painter Magazine? Now every pattern in The magazine is available at 100% in the Members Only section. We started this feature with Issue 2/Spring 2009

Link to a Supply List posted on SDP Website for Conferences:

SDP's online Boutique accepts PayPal now. It's even easier to buy some SDP logo stuff to show the world you love to paint.

KVDA Update - Kimberly Bennett has made it easier for us to post comments. Leave a comment. Did you enjoy a workshop? Do you have any suggestions? Is the posted information on the KVDA Blog useful to you? We would love to hear from you.

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  1. The new SDP Blog is nice for those of us who wish we were at the Converence.
    I think KVDA will have a new CDA this year.